strange fruit?!?

strange fruit?

March :: 2010 :: offBeat :: Louisiana and New Orleans Online Music Resource.

the short story is offBeat Magazine decided that it would be a great idea to juxtapose the title of a song about lynching with the image of a group of happy young white men hanging from a jungle gym. i am shocked, disappointed and disgusted. i’m frustrated with myself for not being able to find the words to express how personal this feels. i’m just full up right now, but i will find my words. in the meantime, here’s what my friend emilie had to say.


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3 responses to “strange fruit?!?

  1. emofalltrades

    Even “without” your words, you remain eloquent, as always.❤ xoxo

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  3. My post on the Offbeat FB page:

    The cover was RACIST not insensitive. There is no way that a SOUTHERN MUSIC magazine does not understand the history of lynching and Billie Holiday’s lyrics. This does not make this magazine racist, but calling this cover anything less is an offense in and of itself. Its just hard to believe that this magazine cover passed so many eyes on its way … See Moreto print and that no one on the Offbeat staff pulled the emergency break! Given that this is the case, I recommend immediate anti-racism training for all involved including the editor-in-chief. The pain this inflicts is way to deep for just an apology. A lesson needs to me learned.

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