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fess up friday

the oh, it’s friday already, again edition…

wow. i’m late posting my fessing up. i’ve been in a sea of muchness and nothingness. came out of the coffee shop where i work yesterday to find a smashed back bumper. realized that it couldn’t have happened there, but in front of my house. the tail light, break light and signal were all intact, so i’m trying not to grrrh, grrrh complain. but i hate seeing my little baby all crunched up. *sigh*

last week was a test. julia cameron in the artist way talks about critics–internal and external ones and i had rounds with both this week, but i’m proud of myself. remember that saying, your opinion of me is none of my business. yeah. i was all over that last week. but seriously. life is good. i’m making a novel that i’m proud of, in my own time and my own way. finally i trust me to do it, no matter what anyone else has to say.

so here’s the business for the week:

saturday, august 2
3 hours

sunday, august 3
2 hours

monday, august 4
3 hours

tuesday, august 5
4 hours

wednesday, august 6
3 hours

thursday, august 7
4 hours

friday, august 8
4 hours

total this week: 23 hours
total to date: 253


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